I am a cognitive neuroscientist and wellbeing aficionado, interested in the cognitive mechanisms underlying human flourishing. My
research investigates contemplative practices that aim to
bring about wholesome states of mind – from meditation
and prayer to collective cultural rituals and psychedelic
therapies. I work from an interdisciplinary perspective,
combining cognitive, neurobiological, computational,
and phenomenological approaches to shed light on
mechanisms of self-regulation. I am currently pursuing
my doctoral studies in Neuroscience at McGill University,
supervised by Dr. Michael Lifshitz and co-supervised by
Prof. Dr. Karl Friston. Previously, I completed a master’s in
Mind, Language, and Embodied Cognition at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and undergraduate studies in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University College Maastricht (Netherlands).

I’m grateful to be supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, Mind and Life Europe, and the USONA institute.